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Default Themida X86 & X64 Retail CRACKED

These are the key features of Themida®:

Anti-debugger techniques that detect/fool any kind of debugger

Anti-memory dumpers techniques for any Ring3 and Ring0 dumpers

Different encryption algorithms and keys in each protected application

Anti-API scanners techniques that avoids reconstruction of original import table

Automatic decompilation and scrambling techniques in target application

Virtual Machine emulation in specific blocks of code

Advanced Mutator engine

SDK communication with protection layer

Anti-disassember techniques for any static and interactive disassemblers

Multiple polymorphic layers with more than 50.000 permutations

Advanced API-Wrapping techniques

Anti-monitors techniques against file and registry monitors

Random garbage code insertion between real instructions

Specialized protection threads

Advanced Threads network communication

Anti-Memory patching and CRC techniques in target application

Metamorphic engine to scramble original instructions

Advanced Entry point protection

Dynamic encryption in target application

Anti-tracing code insertion between real instructions

Advanced Anti-breakpoint manager

Real time protection in target application

Compression of target application, resources and protection code

Anti-“debugger hiders” techniques

Full mutation in protection code to avoid pattern recognition

Real-time simulation in target application
Intelligent protection code insertion inside target application
Random internal data relocation
Possibility to customize dialogs in protected application
Support of command line

Download From

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Special thanks to : Epic

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Thank. I find and finally here.
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