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Default Safengine Protector V.

Safengine Protector V.

Safengine provides a powerful virtual machine to protect your applications against reverse engineering or unwanted modifications. The protector will convert your sensitive code (in x86 assembly) into a random instruction set which can only be executed by the virtual machine interpreter embedded into your application after protection. These virtual machines are very unique, fully randomized and heavily obfuscated.

During the virtualization process, your original code flow will be redirected with logical obfuscation, there will be no more than a NAND operation in the virtual machine to emulate logical operations such as AND, OR, NOT and XOR, while most arithmetical operations will be implemented via ADD so that it is very hard for a reverse engineer to tell how the original code works. Also, there will be no “conditional jump” instructions after virtualization, which makes crackers have no place to manipulate the execution flow.

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Chữ kư cá nhân của avi_re Don't Hate Crackers Hate The Code..

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Thanks Avi_re
I need it to learn...
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Safengine Protector V. is out!
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