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Icon14 problem unpacking ASproctect

[2.3 build 06.26 Beta]

Main App compiler : vb6
After the setup inside the directory you can change the lang at the .ini file the first line from 1 to 2 or 0and it will be in english
I tried with Winxp :
codedoctor plugin (ollydb) Decomas last version , all scripts ASprotect , Quickunpack ,Stripers(allversions) BUT there is an issue at the IAT
you gone see that with the scripts it gona send you IAT = 401334 VA = 1000 and SIZE = 150 and when you go with the

ImportFixer can not find the IAT

Unpacking with Decomas or CoderDoctor plugin the main app loads and send you an error file missing and close it self . i tried with Aspr...dll nothing
i tried to find wich is that file that is missing and nothing untill now just fail fail fail
any help ?

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