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Originally Posted by Itan Hant View Post
Author :ppp1999
Target :Sp98
Tools :Aore dbg,exeinfo,resource hacker.

This is my First tutorial So Any Suggestions are Welcome.

Information Of Target:

Swiss Perfect has been used for over a decade to run chess tournaments all over the world and arguably is the world's most popular chess tournament management software. Licensed copies of the software are used in over 50 countries.
Swiss Perfect assists you in managing Swiss and round-robin events, calculates standings, ratings, displays cross tables and various other views including individual player cards that you can print directly from the program.

Main features bs.gif Systems of Play
- Swiss
- Round Robin

Swiss Pairing Systems
- Accelerated pairings
- Configurable options barred pairings
- Colourless pairing,
- Special rules for last round pairings (FIDE)
- Optional manual pairing
- Testing of manual or automatic pairings for formal correctness
- Verification of manual against Swiss Perfect automatic pairing
Round-robin Systems
- Standard
- Rutsch (carousel)
List of Participants
- Full support for late entries, withdrawals and pauses
- Ability to sort at any stage of the tournament (selectable sort criteria)
- Editable start numbers (don’t have to reflect the position on the starting list)
- Import from DBF and text files (including the FIDE Rating List)
Results and Scores
- One-touch results entry
- All possible single-game scores supported (1:0, =:=. 0:1, =:0, 0:=, 0:0, +:-, -:+, -:-)
- Multi-game scores (combination of single-game scores) eg. 4.5:1.5 if multi-games are configured as 6.
- Minor Scores (or secondary scores - to be used for example as match scores in team tournaments)
- Configurable tie-break criteria:
- Buchholz Median-Buchholz
- Berger
- Progress
- Opponents’ Rating Sum
- Number of Wins
- Minor Scores
- Brightwell
- Two Elo-based rating systems for calculating international and national (local) rating performances, expected scores etc.
- Separate configurable options (upper and lower limits) for each system
Views, Printing and Print Preview
- Several different views of tournament data:
- List of Players
- Pairings and Round Results
- Standings
- Cross Table
- Ratings
- Pairing Info
- Individual Cards
- Ability to export (save) any of the views in a customisable text, HTML and ICS buffers format
- All views customisable (selectable columns and fonts)
- Configurable symbols for representing results in the cross table (for example W for a win, D for a draw and L for a loss)
- Configurable symbol representing a half point in Results and Standings Views Printing of each view (WYSIWYG)
- Print preview for each view (WYSIWYG)

Target : http://www.swissperf.../setup98eng.exe

Tut Link:


Please, Check links.
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